I have provided some amazing solutions to businesses.
Here you can view some of my work but not all.
web design project

James Luxier - Jluxfunding

This was a great project. The owner, James Luxier reached out to me and discussed all the necessary details. I understood what he wanted and started working right away. James problem was him not being able to get leads and have a platform to give his clients a nicer experience. After delivering his website(with SEO included), he was more than happy and decided to also have me maintain the website for him.

Wiston Bertho - RivalJunk Removal

This company is based out in Florida. The owner Wiston, came across my website and contacted me directly. Wiston’s problems were 1- not getting enough customers to run the business and 2- not having a platform for people to find him. After a brief talk on the phone, I took notes and started researching all the things that will make his problems go away. This was a big project as I had to make him a stunning website, and do SEO.

web design project 2
web design project 3

Herb Virgo - Urban Ecology

This is a project was based out in Connecticut. The owner Herb, wanted a nice looking website for this non-profit project. Herb connected with me via a mutual friend of ours. We started elaborating on what was needed, I listened well to his needs and started researching for him. After Herb sent me all the materials such as content, graphics, and other assets, I started designing the website  and update him along the way. In the end he was happy with his new website.